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Dating by Star Sign - Know Your Date

With the recent launch of our 'Date by Starsigns' section we thought we would give you a few tips if you are contemplating using our free online dating site. This can be found here at Dating by starsigns. Get a FREE account now.

Know Your Date

Its important to know your potential partner / date and what they like, where they hang out, what they like to do. By knowing this, you are able to suggest and arrange something that you both like and importantly, feel comfortable with. These are simple things you can pick up from conversations, questions that you could ask whilst getting to know them before you decide to arrange a date. Listen to what they say, even better, pick out the things they dont say. Try to remember what you have talked about together. Is there something specific they like doing, any hobbies that you could find interesting, and what do they like to eat? Know the answers to some of these simple questions and your already on to a winner.

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Pick a Place You Can Both Interact

You dont want your date to be awkward and to feel like an interview. You want somewhere where you both feel relaxed in each others company but also somewhere where there are things to discuss, to take the focus away from each other a little. Local music venues can be good, and if you live somewhere where you can head to a local gallery, even better.

Go Out To Dinner

Dinner can sometimes be the safest option. Not only does it give you a nice relaxed atmosphere where you can chill out, get to know each other and enjoy one anothers company, it also gives you an opportunity after food to either politely make your excuses to escape if things arnt going to well or alternatively, suggest somewhere else for a quiet drink afterwards if things are looking good. (If your going to take your date for dinne make sure you know the place, know what they serve and most importantly, know that your going somewhere that your date will like.)

Watch a Film

Cinemas can sometimes get mixed reactions when it comes to dates. from a personal perspective, the cinema should be left for follow up dates and not for a first date. This is mainly because there is no interaction. You sit down quietly and watch the film, which lets be honest, isnt the reason you wanted a date. That said, threres nothing wrong with it if its what you both want to do, plus, if things go well its a great discussion point afterwards for a couple of quiet drinks.

Be Creative

Finally, try to be creative. You want your date to remember it (for the right reasons) so the more creative and enjoyable you make it for the both of you, the greater the chance of a repeat. Picking somewhere that your date is not going to expect, but also something they are really going to enjoy is a great first impression. Go bowling, christmas caroling (at xmas time of course!) bake a cake together or simply go to an arcade. Just make sure its somewhere you will BOTH enjoy.