Your Intimate Lover Reading

What does love making mean to you? What excites you? What things do you demand from a lover?

All these questions, plus many more, will be revealed through the Intimate Lover Reading which will take a close look at your sexuality, your sexual behaviour, and will also highlight just how sexy you are in the eyes of others.
Many people find the whole topic of sex and love making a taboo subject, but this reading gives a straight-talking and informative insight into what love making means to you and how you behave in certain situations. There will be insights into what goes through your mind when making love and how you express yourself through intimate acts too.
The reading will also highlight your general performance in love making situations and will also give you an indication as to your desires and when they are likely to unfold.
The reading may also pick up on any inhibitions you may have and will also highlight any self confidence issues – which is vitally important if you want to get to grips with your own sexual nature.
Understanding your sexuality is vitally important not only when it comes to learning about yourself, but when it comes to being open and in tune with your partner.
If you want to push the boundaries of your sexual relationship and want to learn about what makes both of you tick, this five star rating can help. Desires will be revealed here.

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