Your Personality Plus Package

7 Readings in 1 Package

With seven readings and each subject designed for a person to work out how to make changes to their life, this package really is worth trying out.
Readings on personality; soul guides and lover guides are featured in this package, as are young life and intimate lover guides.

The personality guide helps you to understand your inner self and work out your emotions; the soul scope looks at confidence and self assertiveness; both the intimate lover and lover guides establish what you want most from a lover and highlight your desires, and the predictor guide forecasts when special events will be occurring in your life.
For all you need to know about yourself, your future and your lover, look no further.

Readings included in this package are; Your Personality Assessment | Soul Scope (Karmic Destiny) | Young Life Reading

| Intimate Lover | Potential Lovers | 12 Mth Soul Guide forecast | Yearly Predictor.

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