Ophiuchus - The 13th Star Sign?

People are buzzing recently with the news that our current star signs might not be correct and that there could in fact be a 13th sign, and because of this most Sagittarians will become part of the Ophiuchus star sign!

The supposed attributes of this sign, nicknamed the snake, are peacefulness and good luck and apparently a career in medicine or management is on the cards. But is it really a true star sign? And if it is, what does that mean for the other signs?

The reasoning behind this is that in the 3000 years since the star signs were first devised, the constellations have moved into different positions around the sun, and now the sun is positioned in the constellation of Ophiuchus, thus meaning that by all rights there should be a 13th star sign and should have always been. However, people are claiming that this doesn't mean anything and that even though the constellations have since moved in the time following their creation this has no effect on modern astrology.

Astrologers are claiming that the movements of the constellations are irrelevant when it comes to star signs and say that they actually have no link between them and people's personalities. What matters, they say, is simply what zodiac sign you were born under and where they were at the time of your birth. Anything that happens after that with the stars and their movements is irrelevant.

One of the other arguments for this is that Dr Kunkle, the man who first brought up the idea of Ophiuchus, is using the sidereal zodiac which is commonly used by Indian astrologers. In the west we use a different form of zodiac which is about 23 degrees off from the sidereal zodiac.

There are almost two dozen different constellations that cross the path of the sun in the sky but aren't mentioned as star signs in the west or indeed in any other culture which follows astrology, so why should Ophiuchus be any different?

Ophiuchus has actually been a source of debate for years amongst those in the astrology field and it has never been accepted as the 13th sign and probably never will be in our lifetimes or anyone else's- no matter how much the constellations and stars move about in the sky!