Doomsday - 21/12/12 Myth or just maybe?

As we quickly approach the last month of the year, people are rushing around buying gifts for loved ones and stocking up the fridge in preparation for all things festive. Unbeknown to many people however, it could all be a waste of time and money as December is predicted to have another important event take place - the end of the world.

Whether you believe the myths or not, since the beginning of time people have been thinking about the end of the world and have been predicting dates and times for when the earth will cease to exist.
More recently though, the focus has fallen on December of this year with many forecasters citing the conclusion of a lengthy cycle in the ancient Mayan calendar as the reason for life on earth coming to an abrupt end.
Whilst many people are sceptical about these kinds of rumours however, others are sat wondering what is in store.

The date that certain theorists have given as Doomsday is December 21, 2012 and they believe that on this date the earth will experience many 'cataclysmic' disasters ranging from nuclear meltdowns to huge earthquakes.
Many believers of the theory have already begun stocking up on supplies that will help their survival, so maybe it is time to put the new games console you were going to buy the kids back on the shelf, and purchase plenty of emergency equipment instead as Christmas really could be cancelled this year. Whilst some theorists are saying the world will end however, others see the date as having more of a spiritual meaning.

A new age interpretation states that this date will mark the start of time in which earth and its inhabitants may undergo a positive physical or spiritual transformation, whilst some people believe 2012 may mark the beginning of a new era entirely.
The December date is being classed as a phenomenon by various groups and all are apprehensive about what is around the corner. Most people however, are questioning the seriousness behind these myths and believe many of the stories are rumours that are getting slightly out of hand.
But whether or not you choose to accept the rumours, one thing is for sure, you will certainly be on your guard on December 21 as you will be looking for every little thing that could be associated with the world ending.

Hopefully, see you next year!